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Brand Management - the application of marketing techniques to a specific product, product line or brand

Business Development - working with new or existing products, services, ideas/concept which need planning, marketing, branding, sales and research support.

Casting - finding talent for commercials, movies, print, music, theater, events and voice-over work.

Celebrity Procurement - contacting, negotiating and confirming celebrity participation and ensuring contract fulfillment

Endorsement Opportunities - matching our client's with corporations seeking to utilize celebrities in their marketing campaigns

Entertainment Marketing - creating awareness and excitement among fans of sports, music, movies, etc.

Event Marketing - creating awareness of your conference, road show, product launch, concert, and various other events

Image Development - taking control of how you are perceived so that people see the image of you/your company that you want them to see

Publicity Management - obtaining beneficial press coverage

Crisis Management - designing strategies to move clients seamlessly from crisis to response to situation control, preventing the crisis from escalating, maintaining the client's reputation and allowing the client to keep focused on their work

Sponsorship Procurement
- develop an integrated sponsorship package for event partners  to ensure top value for the sponsorship investment.

Product Placement- placing goods or services in movies, television shows, news programs, plays, music videos, digital media, video games and music lyrics.

Social Media Management- developing and implementing contest and content for mobile phone news, wallpaper, ring-tones, text to win contest, voting polls, invitations, special offers ect.